We offer Green Vitamin grain and seed Sprouter proudly made in Ukraine to make every family healthy

About us

З цієї ідеї народився наш проект. We are actively seeking natural products that would not only satisfy, but also help the body cope with daily stress, enhance the immune system, meet the need for vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, be affordable and also be produced in Ukraine. From this idea out project was born.

We offer GREEN VITAMIN Sprouter for grain, seeds, nuts and beans which you could use at home to have a vitamin and minerals complex on your table every day, without any special efforts and costs.

During the process of sprouting, every sleeping grain turns into a mini-vitamin factory. This a miracle transformation which increases the contents of vitamins, ferments and enzymes in the wakened grain by dozens of times. We offer you to use this nature’s gift and include sprouts into your every day’s ration. The Sprouter will simplify and ease the process of germination and sprouting of the grain. Of course, it’s better to use the sprouts raw but even after a minimal heat treatment they are much more beneficial than plain grain.

On this website we offer not just a comfortable device for sprouting but also lots of advice about easy sprouting of all different kinds of grains, seeds and beans, and also recipes to include these sprouts.

Do you consciously consider your nutrition and health? Then just start eating sprouts every day! You sprout locally produced grain, it’s a source of vitamins and minerals for your body, and it’s a live food on your table! And we will gladly help you with this.

Sincerely, GREEN VITAMIN project team.