We offer Green Vitamin grain and seed Sprouter proudly made in Ukraine to make every family healthy


Green Vitamin Sprouter consists of four elements:

1) Transparent internal jar with perforated slots in the bottom and legs that lift it above the bottom of the external container.

2) Colored external plastic container which protects the sprouts from sunlight and creates a micro-climate with air exchange and protection from drafts.

3) Slotted screwed on lid for the external container, aimed for ventilation and protection from dust and insects.

4) Tightly screwed on lid for the external container is used to used to prevent water leakage during transportation, as well as a rack for the transparent jar when sprouting to green leaves. Normally it is screwed on the bottom of the external container. It is convenient and allows you to keep all elements of the Sprouter in one place.

Цей прилад зробить процесс пророщування зерен неймовірно простим :-)

The Sprouter is used in four modes:

  1. Soaking and sprouting of the grain using both the transparent jar and external container.
  2. Sprouting to green leaves using the transparent jar and the unslotted lid as a rack.
  3. Transportation of sprouts with the tightly screwed on lid.
  4. Storing the sprouts in a refrigerator inside the Sprouter closed with a slotted lid.

All elements of the Sprouter are made of high quality food plastic and are easy to clean using a sponge and dishwashing detergent.

Green Vitamin Grain and Seeds Sprouter has the following characteristics:

• The diameter of the internal jar: 10.5 cm.

• The internal jar is made of food polycarbonate, melting point of about 500 degrees C.

• The internal jar’s working volume: 750 ml.

• The internal jar’s height: 11 cm, working height: 10 cm (without legs).

• The diameter of the external container measured at lid: 12.5 cm.

• The device’s total height (external container with both lids): 12.5 cm.

• The external container is made of food polystyrene.