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8 December 2015


 December 8, 2015
Проростки ржи

Rye is a close relative of wheat, but rye is much more useful. Its protein contains significantly more amino acids valuable for the body, and the grains contain much less gluten. Rye flour has five times more fructose than wheat. And products made of rye are rich in hemicellulose and cellulose which improve microflora. Properties of rye enhance peristalsis and strengthen immunity.

Sprouted seeds of rye is an excellent health product.

Sprouting instructions:
  1. Sort, rinse, and soak 3-4 tablespoons of rye grain in the Sprouter for 6-8 hours (for example, for the night), the grains must be completely covered with water.
  2. Rinse with clean water several times in the morning, shake to saturate the grains with air, keep wet in the Sprouter for 1-2 days total.
  3. Rinse and shake every 8-10 hours prior to the appearance of sprouts of the desired length.
  4. Eat or place in the refrigerator in the Sprouter with air access (but not more than for two days).

Rye grain contain protein (13%), fat (2%), carbohydrates (69%) and fiber. It has a lot of potassium (425 mg / 100 g), calcium (58 mg / 100 g), phosphorus (292 mg / 100 g), magnesium (120 mg / 100 g), manganese (2.7 mg / 100 g), iron (4.2 mg / 100 g), zinc (2.5 mg / 100 g), and also fluorine, silicon, sulfur, vanadium, chromium, copper, selenium, molybdenum.

It contains more vitamin E than wheat (10 mg / 100 g), and also vitamins B1 (0.45 mg / 100 g), B2 (0.26 mg / 100 g), B3 (1.3 mg / 100 g ), B5 (1.5 mg / 100 g), B6 (0.41 mg / 100 g), folic acid (0.04 mg / 100 g), vitamins K, P. The amount of vitamin C increases during sprouting from 0.58 to 14.68 mg / 100g.

By their action rye sprouts are similar to wheat sprouts: they compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals that stimulate the intestines, increase motility, and normalize microflora, have a mild laxative effect, help cleanse the body from toxins. Rye sprouts are prescribed in the same cases as wheat sprouts.

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