We offer Green Vitamin grain and seed Sprouter proudly made in Ukraine to make every family healthy

The Sprouter idea

The idea to create the Green Vitamin grains and seeds Sprouter was born from the need to have natural vitamins in the diet of city residents every day. The vitamins of the best possible quality, at an affordable price, organic and of local origin. All this you can get from the sprouted seeds.

The Green Vitamin Sprouter is designed for easy sprouting of seeds, grains, nuts and beans. Now you can get fresh vitamins from sprouted grains any time, anywhere and with minimal effort. You need only the Sprouter, seeds and clean water. The process of sprouting does not require soil, the hydroponics method is used. It’s fast, easy, healthy. Just sprout the grains!

The Sprouter consists of four elements: internal transparent jar, external plastic container, tightly screwed on lid, and slotted screwed on lid. All these elements are designed to maximize ease and simplify of the sprouting process.

You use the Sprouter to soak grain, rinse regularly, get the sprouts, germinate grain to green leaves, carry the sprouts, keep the sprouts in the refrigerator. And all this does not require any additional dishes, gauze or other devices. Universal and compact Green Vitamin Sprouter provides you with sprouted grain throughout the year.