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Sprouts on your table

6 January 2016


 January 6, 2016
Блюдо с пророщенными бобовыми

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Eating sprouts regularly is good for your health. They are alkaline, solid, clean and natural products. Alkaline foods affect pH and acidity of body fluids, including urine and blood and play a key role in protecting our body from various diseases. They are known as super foods, and the nutritional value of sprouts allows us to reduce the likelihood of diseases related to lifestyle, if we eat them regularly.

The value of sprouted seeds especially grows during winters and springs when the body feels an acute need for living vitamins that we get from fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are new to germination, the easiest way to include sprouts in your diet is to add them to salads. You can also try adding raw sprouts to green smoothies and fresh juices. Green sprouts are also a good side dish to grilled meat or salmon. If you add them to soups, do it a few minutes before end of cooking.

A few simple ideas about using the sprouts:

  1. Add them to vegetable salads.
  2. Add them to green cocktails and smoothies, mix with vegetable juices.
  3. Use raw sprouted beans instead of cooked peas, beans, and lentils in salad recipes with beans.
  4. Add to sandwiches or rolls instead of the usual lettuce and greens.
  5. When cooking sandwich pastas (e.g. based on soft cheeses).
  6. Fry with chopped vegetables, garlic and herbs to eat with rice.
  7. Use in baking as nuts and seeds.
  8. Sprinkle prepared soups, bakery and stews, omelets and fried eggs.
  9. Steam them and serve with butter.

Sprouted grain is best used raw but it won’t suit all people. Some people may feel discomfort in the stomach (elderly, children, etc.). If such is the case, you can dry the germinated seeds and then grind them in a coffee grinder. Coarse grains are suitable for cooking cereals, soups; fine grinding is used as flour to bake bread, pancakes, biscuits. One teaspoon of flour can be added to dairy products (fermented baked milk, yogurt, starter) and left to swell for a while. This way we make the grains not so coarse for sensitive stomachs and at the same time preserve all the valuable properties of sprouts.

To make sure your body receives raw sprouted grain well, start eating it from one teaspoon and gradually increase the portion to the amount that allows you to be satisfied. It is very useful to eat sprouted grain each morning. This improves hair, skin and nails condition. Sprouted grain works as a dietary supplement.

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