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How it differs from others

Overview of the existing models of sprouters

Пророщування зерна на тарілці

Historically the first and still most widely used method of sprouting is a combination of a filter, bowls, plates and gauze (or some other tissue). This method requires a lot of time and effort (you have to wash the cloth, make sure that it does not dry up, move the grain from the flat plate to a bowl or sieve every time you want to rinse it and so on). This method has one more major drawback: the roots of the germinating seeds penetrate through the gauze seeking to gain a foothold in it, as if in the soil. The longer the seeds germinates, the stronger the roots are fixed and it’s more difficult to separate them. We can only force them off with a spoon, and it breaks the delicate seedlings during the rinsing, and they cannot continue to grow. In addition, this method generally is not exactly aesthetically pleasing and compact in the kitchen. It is also worth noting that this method is suitable to sprout grain, but not suitable for sprouting to leaves.

Пророщувач для зерна і насінняAnother option is to sprout in an inclined at a certain angle glass jar with a perforated lid. This option is attractive in its own way, the jar is easy to clean, and through the glass you can see how the grain sprouted, and determine its readiness for consumption. The downside is that the glass jar can easily break. Grains sprout better in the dark, so during the day the jar should be covered with a cloth which does not contribute to the aesthetic look of your kitchen. In addition, this type of the sprouter is completely unsuited for transportation: the perforated lid leaks, the whole system is heavy and fragile. It should be noted that the quality of sprouts when using this jar is not always the best due to the fact that the water stagnates in certain places of the jar which often results in the formation of slime and mold.

Пророщувач для зерна і насіння

The next sprouter model in our overview is a design with plastic trays with holes. This model attracts primarily by the large amount of sprouts that you can produce at once. It is an undeniable advantage for a large family. But, unless the sprouts are not your only food, you probably do not need to have that amount of grain sprouts simultaneously. A distinctive feature of sprouts is that they cannot be stored for a long time, and only fresh sprouts have the highest value. In addition, this model requires the use of additional glassware for preliminary soaking of the grain. Also the transparent plastic does not ensure sprouting in the most natural way: in darkness, just like under the ground. Lack of holes in the top lid makes it difficult for the air to circulate and may contribute to the formation of odor. Another feature of the model is that it doesn’t allow for regular rinsing of the sprouting grain. The grain is moisturized by pouring water into the upper tray, and the water then gradually leaks into the lower trays through the holes. Thus the lower layers of sprouts gets water containing mucus, carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes generated in the process of germination of grain. This waste should be regularly washed away with clean drinking water, and it is an essential condition to obtain high quality sprouts. Lack of regular rinsing may cause mildew and odors that make sprouted grain rather harmful than useful for the organism.

Пророщувач для зерна і насіння

The next model is a clay plate with metal sieve. It has an aesthetic appearance, it’s made from natural materials. The advantage of the model is good drainage, which keeps grain from souring during the sprouting. The design provides for easy rinsing of the grain. This same plate can be used for preliminary soaking of the grain. However, this design has one major drawback: the lack of top cover that protects the seeds from drying out and wind-blowing and provides darkness for the sprouting grain. Young sprouts are so delicate that they can dry out even in a few hours of staying in the open air. That is, to use this sprouter design properly, one needs to either constantly moisturize (which requires time and effort), or cover it with a damp cloth (which is not very hygienic and aesthetic).

Пророщувач для зерна і насінняA kind of the clay model described above is a multi-store design. These are made from environmentally friendly materials, provide for sprouting in the dark (which is as close to the natural germination as possible), have aesthetic appearance. However, they repeat the shortcomings of the previous models: the cover without holes does not let air circulate freely which can cause odors and mold; preliminary soaking of the grains requires separate dishware – up to three additional containers each time; unglazed clay is a porous material that absorbs odors and anything that gets on its surface (including dishwashing detergent, bacteria that multiply in the case of mold, and products of metabolism of the sprouting grain). Therefore, this design is not quite hygienic and easy to use. In addition, pottery crashes easily and thus is not fit for transportation.

Sprouter auto

And the last kind: various electrical sprouters. They are interesting because the grain is moistened automatically, and the storage capacity is large. But it is also a drawback: if the kitchen is small, or if the grain is sprouted for one person, or if there is a need to take the sprouter with you somewhere. These devices operate by circulating water in the system. For this purpose, a special tray at the bottom is used. The water is supplied by the pump and funnels. This kind of device is very noisy because of the mechanics in the design. A sprouter of this size is inconvenient to carry with you, it will not work without power, and one of the most significant drawbacks: the grain is irrigated by water which is then returned to the water tank. Thus, with each circulation the water contains more and more mucus and fermentation products washed from the surface of the grain. Thus the souring and odors are quite possible.

Пророщувач для зерна і насіння Грін Вітамін

We tried to consider all of these particularities during the design stage of our Green Vitamin Sprouter. This device for sprouting of grains, seeds, nuts and beans does not take up much space in the kitchen; it is easy to transport even with grain and water inside; the Sprouter is very easy to clean, including in dishwasher; it is made of certified food safe plastic; it is suitable both for sprouting grain in the darkness and further germination of grains to the leaves in a transparent glass; it is ergonomic and fits nicely into the design of any kitchen; it is not fragile in reasonable limits, has a simple and reliable design; requires minimum effort and time to produce sprouts; thanks to the jar with holes in the bottom the grain can be rinsed directly in the Sprouter; and thanks to the ventilation system you receive high quality sprouts; it also can serve as a storage capacity for keeping the sprouted grain in the fridge.

We are sure that you will enjoy using our Sprouter in your kitchen, the workplace and even outdoors!

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