We offer Green Vitamin grain and seed Sprouter proudly made in Ukraine to make every family healthy

This device makes the process of sprouting incredibly simple! :-)

Ukrainian startup GREEN VITAMIN grain and seeds Sprouter offers:

a device that can be used at home every day to have the vitamin and mineral complex on your table with little effort and expense.

The benefits of eating sprouted grains are dazzling:

grains' live energy boosts immunity, improves digestion, eliminates the cause of dysbiosis, helps cleanse the body of toxins, lowers cholesterol, increases hemoglobin, rejuvenates the body thanks to antioxidants and enzymes that regulate metabolism, eliminates depression, saturates the body with natural vitamins and minerals, gives you a load of cheerfulness for the whole day.

The Sprouter consists of four elements:

internal transparent jar, external plastic container, tightly screwed on lid, and slotted screwed on lid. All these elements are designed to maximize ease and simplify of the sprouting process.

With the Sprouter you can:

soak grains, rinse regularly, get spouts both at home and in field conditions, carry the sprouts, keep the sprouts in the refrigerator. And all this does not require any additional space, as well as dishes, gauze, and other devices.

Useful articles

Sprouting is easy!

Sprouting is easy!

  • You get sprouts at any time, winter or summer, regardless of the season and outdoor temperature
  • With our universal Sprouter you get sprouts anywhere: at home, on a business trip, even in field conditions
  • You do not even need experience sprouting thanks to the detailed instructions and easy-to-use Green Vitamin Sprouter
  • Sprouted seeds made at home are better than purchased in the store

    Sprouted seeds made at home are better than purchased in the store

  • You can sprout a greater variety of seeds in small quantities
  • They will always be fresh
  • You eat sprouts at any time because they are always available in your home

  • Sprouts are a perfect form of healthy diet:

    Sprouts are a perfect form of healthy diet:

  • When you eat them, you get the minerals in the pure, natural form, live vitamins and vegetable protein
  • You eat hundreds of tiny plants immediately after you add sprouts to meals
  • You get a great benefit from so many young plants eaten at the same time
  • Green sprouts are good for your pets

    Green sprouts are good for your pets

  • Give your pets the best vitamins at any season
  • Sprout the grains which they like best
  • Suitable for cats, dogs, rodents, birds
  • Healthy animal is the best confirmation of the correct choice
  • To stay healthy and have a beautiful slender body, you need to choose foods consciously. Sprouts are one of the most important ingredients for raw vegan, vegetarian and just a healthy diet. Sprouted seeds provide our body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals when used regularly in our diet. Sprouts are important in diets aimed at normalizing weight. Eating sprouts normalizes blood pressure, helps in weight loss, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, gets toxins out, acts as an oxidant that activates the body’s defenses and helps us in preventing diabetes and metabolic disorders.

    Sprouted seeds are unique in that they combine all the best features of seeds and young plants into which they gradually transform. In fact, they are in transition between seeds and plants. Each sprout is a tiny vitamin factory. Metabolic activity of the sleeping seed begins when it is moistened during soaking. And because the enzymes of the awakened seeds do almost all the work, sprouts are essentially a pre-split product. Nutrients are in the form best prepared for digestion, and thus they require very little our own body’s effort, and nutrients easily absorbed into the blood.